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Special Wing

Special Wing

With a deep faith in human excellence, kindness and compassion for the slow learners a separate section' of the mentally challenged came into existence in September 1993.

Since the inception of the special wing more and more boys and girls have joined the school. Trained teachers are appointed to take care of the children and to train them in various skills

The class room activity is full of good interaction, fun and sharing. From time to time, children under the supervision of their teachers have proudly exhibited their talents. Activities like dance, exercises, beading pearls , drawing, painting , card making etc keep the children alive and active . Rakhi making, candle making and computer learning etc make the children proud of their abilities. Competitions are held in the school for various sports and games and they also participate in District Level competitions. Besides these they participate in many other activities which are held in the main school. This gives the students sufficient opportunity to interact with these children who are not as fortunate as they are and it creates in them a sensitivity towards the needy, who look for their kindness understanding and acceptance

Each child is loved and cared and personally attended by our dedicated staff. Hence, most parents vouch that they stop worrying about their ward once they leave their ward in our school campus..