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Campus Culture

Campus Culture

Little Flower Convent School is proud of its eco-friendly, serene and peaceful environment. The day starts with morning meditation and prayer, which connects the entire LFCS Family with the divine, thus enabling them to seek the blessings of God before they start the day.

Deeply committed to all ethical values this institution expects its students and staff to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner especially with respect to their dress, demeanour and discipline. Students must respect their teachers and the management; greet them politely, while in or out of the school campus, students must speak English in the school campus.

Decorum and discipline at all times, both inside and outside the campus must be observed. Code of conduct in the campus includes safeguarding the school property, keeping the place clean and tidy and following the prescribed dress code.

Students are expected to dress formally, modestly and neatly as per the school specifications